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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 5, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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shoulders of ours parents and poor parents we are one people one town one team all-inclusive. we could use more of that. >> that's it or this week's show. thanks to my panel thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul should go and i hope to see you right here next week or he is lou: good evening everybody. president trump today hitting another key swing state as we approach two months until election day. president trump this hour will be in western pennsylvania, the state for new polling has the president all tied up with china joe biden. rasmussen has the president biden with 46% support in the important battleground state of pennsylvania. the same poll shows president trump with 27% support among african-americans in pennsylvania. that is an increase of 19-point over what the president was
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earning in the state four years ago. during a campaign rally tonight president trump is expected to talk about his continued efforts to restore american manufacturing. the president will call out joe biden's half-century of shipping american jobs overseas and his recent flip-flop of fracking. president trump's economic message remains a strong point with pennsylvania voters for that matter with voters across the country. pennsylvania voters overwhelmingly say president trump will handle the economy better than china joe. a quinnipiac poll shows the president up six points on the issue in the keystone state's. i'd campaign is desperately trying to respond to those surging numbers of president trump. biden's handlers today told him and his basement in dollar two a trip to kenosha wisconsin. the trump campaign criticized
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biden strip noting the president brought with him two days ago federal help for the victims of recent violent riots in kenosha and millions of dollars in assistance for small businesses to rebuild. the trump campaign manager bill stepien today said biden is simply following the president's lead. >> it's scary times and democrat-controlled states and vice president biden's own party. i had a press with a member of the squad talking about the unrest in cities democrat mayors refusing federal support and help at the president software. with joe biden visiting kenosha today the president was there earlier in the week as president of the united states. vice president biden is there is a political candidate. this is not injecting politics into a serious situation that the present help to solve. lou: president trump also
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expected him to size law and order in the country but president trump threatened to withhold federal funding from democratic brand city cities that have pulled funding for police or wanted to pull funding for those police departments. the very same democrat run cities refuse to fight the violence and vandalism of antifa and black lives matter. president trump singled out those democrat runs cities seattle toward when new york city and washington d.c.. the president today instructed all federal agencies to find federal funds that could be withheld from those cities if they are not taking steps to end lawlessness and rioting. the present order reads in part, my administration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate in the lawless zones for the presence threat to pull federal money renews his feud
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with radical down leftist leaders in new york. socialist new york city mayor toga blazios says he will see the president in court. new york state radical leftist attorney general letitia james today said if the president actually decides to move forward with this threat to defund new york city we will be ready to take immediate legal action and new york governor andrew cuomo threatening violence against the president. here is what the governor said during a conference call last night. >> you can't come back to new york or he can't. he's going to walk down the street in new york. forget bodyguards. he better have an army if he thinks is going to walk down the street in new york. he is personal and non-driver in new york city and i think he knows that. he will never come back to new york because new yorkers will never forget how gratuitously --
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gratuitously mean he has been. lou lou: he had better have the army says the thug tavenner. what a populace. the governor responded on twitter singh governor cuomo should get his puppet new york prosecutors who have been illegally after me and my family for ears to investigate using competent handling of the china virus and all of the deaths caused by his incompetence. it is at minimum a nursing home scandal, 11,000 dead. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany added this about the president's efforts to combat anarchy and violence in democrat run cities. >> we believe here when you look at new york a 77% increase in shootings in seattle where two died in portland for easy 140 officers injured. this is a dereliction of duty and that the state will not act in their police power to secure their city this present will use every if lawful mechanism
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available. federal officers and kenosha and minneapolis another attempt to make sure no more children die on our streets. lou: president trump fighting to restore law and order across the country at a time when the radical downs and the state control of the more chaotic or violent and lawless by the day. black lives matter activists in d.c. swarming the streets last night. they surrounded the police precinct in the nations capitol as well as mayor muriel bowser's home. the left-wing radical mob rioting over a police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old. d.c. police release body camera video of the incident today which clearly shows 18-year-old dionne k with the weapon in his hand as he ran firm police. an officer fired one shot and
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hit them in the chest. he later died at the hospital. police in d.c. uncovered more signs of coordinating efforts between antifa and black lives matter as both organizations try to stir up chaos, more violence across the country. the d.c. police charged a florida resident today with assaulting a police officer who was protecting senator rand paul and his wife as they left the white house. and in california a george soros backed district attorney and contra costa counties as looting might not be punishable after all saying it depends upon how badly the perpetrator needed the stuff they stole. the prosecutor's name is diane back then and she requires are subordinate prosecutors to consider looters quote unquote needs when they laid charges against such perpetrators. the dea spokesman said the policy was put in place because
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of the china virus pandemic. whatever sense you can make of that reason, if any at all. attorney general dell bar talking to cnn's wolf blitzer yesterday. here's the attorney general going off on blitzer for defending universal mail-in ballots. >> the bipartisan commission chaired by jimmy carter and james baker said akin 2009 that mail-in voting is fraud with the risk of fraud and coercion. >> let me talk. since that time there have been newspapers and networks academic studies saying it is open to fraud and coercion. the only time the narrative change was after this administration came in. lou 19 people in north carolina
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were charged with voter fraud exist they voted and they lied about their citizenship status and it comes from california pleaded guilty to bribing homeless people with money and cigarettes to forge signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms. this year more than half a million ballots already sent through the mail have been rejected and more than 40 people have been charged or convicted of voter fraud. and it's early yet. up next china turning up the rhetoric against the united states. are we headed for a conflict with the communist regime? we take that up and much more the secretary of state mike pompeo and order minute look "the trump century" how the president changed the -- 15% discount into the code maga and i'll be doing a virtual book
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lou: joining us tonight to talk about all of this and much more the united states secretary of state mike tom pao. mr. secretariats good to have you with us. let's begin with the rhetoric of the chinese government and it is moving up to quite heated extremes now. your interpretation of what's going on in beijing. >> thanks for having me on. it's quite a list to read there with respect to the chinese communist party's aggression. i think what's going on for the first time in his district in a president of the united states who isn't just going to turn the other cheek and is prepared to take on this challenge. four years is coming and frankly he talked about the missile systems the military and all the things that president trump's issues and economic issues you talked about on your show for months and months now. president trump is taking it on an serious when using the
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rhetoric from the chinese communist party ratcheting up because they are feeling the pressure that's put on them by this administration. lou: and the issue of the cold war as the foreign minister suggested between the two countries. is it not decidedly already that? >> the cold war analogy has some reverence but the truth of the matter is the chinese government under general secretary made clear whether it's the military of buildup or for the diplomatic efforts and initiative to create vassal states tyrannical regime around the world for global hegemony for the challenges are different. their economics at challenges at home. we had to close the chinese consulate in houston texas because there were spies operating from that place. this is different than the cold war and that we are challenged
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with 1.4 billion people and economy that has a growth of 6% gdp and costs cost millions of jobs here in the united states of america. we will push back against them and president trump will push back against every one of these fronts. lou: among those fronts are the companies, the front companies the people's republic of china in this country, hundreds upon hundreds of them that are stealing intellectual property by whatever means. including cyber attacks. what are we going to see happen? there has been so little acknowledgment on the part of china that it is committing crimes against the united states and certainly no remorse. are we going to carry on a full assault on those who would steal our international property or technology secrets and our
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military secrets? >> under president trump's leadership we will. billions and billions dollars worth of american wealth from ordinary working-class families millions of jobs lost over the last 20 years. we came in with a lot of work to do. the. previous administration reduced it. we have done that with respect to telecommunications while we the work we have done there and the cost while we a lot as it was stealing something from us and now you will see a broader effort or there will be an absence in the coming days and weeks in a very serious way alter the benefit of the american economy whether that his students that are studying here in the united states that are part of this network, and you talked about the incident of ucla and the university of virginia for the fbi and justice department are working on these issues. the chinese comments party is simply refuse to behave like a normal nation and compete on normal commercial terms. america turned its cheek for
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decades that president trump's and going to permit that to continue to happen. we built that the case now it's time to implement the president strategy. lou: at last count there were 75 the so-called confucius institutes in k-12, american colleges and university campuses. how many world are paid by the end of this year? >> i hope the answer is zero lou. we have made clear that these are the poorer missions. they have come under a set of restrictions and rules. most universities and we have have the confucius institutions in places other than american colleges. everyone is coming to see the risk associated with them in the recruitment of spies and collaborators inside the institutions. these institutions can see that on an hopeful we will get them closed up before the end of this year. lou: the complexity and the depth of the complexity and this
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challenge from the peoples republic of china has to be met on so many levels and so many theaters including amongst our allies whether they be in europe or southeast asia. we know india only has sent a warship into the south china sea and an active response is least interpreted as such against the clashes on the border with china and also it appears with some affinity with the u.s. navy that is in the south china sea. the importance of the relationship with india and meeting the threat from china. >> it's a censure we have friends and allies in this battle. we have forked for two years now. we have made real progress. we have seen lots of countries turn away from huawei in the knowledge the threats to america for two decades think you are
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seeing the world unite around a central understanding that the chinese comments party simply going to refuse to be in a reciprocal transparent way whether it's our friends in india our friends in australia japan and they have come to see the rest of their own people in their own countries and you'll see them partner with united states to push back on every front we have talked about this evening. lou: amongst the most energetic are the lobbyists and corporate america and wall street and blackrock. lack rock announcing that it will be setting up the first mutual fund in china without any constraints apparent constraints that have been the case for 20 years there. this looks peculiar given the tensions between the two countries and the fact that blackrock has been among those institutions working against president trump's values and
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insistence on policy to constrain china. what should we make of that? >> i do want to speak to any particular single private company but make no mistake the president has made clear expectations for complying with u.s. law and complying with all of the requirements we have in place and we wanted there and reciprocal trade relationship reduce on the negotiations with the trade deal we didn't get the big deal then. most administrations would have caved and given china what they want. president trump's refuse to do that and you'll see more and economic front that will be important to secure jobs and wealth for the people in the united states. lou: we have seen almost four years of it from this administration so we look forward to a replication. secretary of state mike pompeo via. shaded much. up next the latest fallout from nancy pelosi's well stunning
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>> nancy pelosi canceled her scheduled press briefing today claiming she was framed by the salon that release video of her not ring a mask and a shop that was supposed to be closed. the salon owner says she has received death threats and will likely have to move out of left-wing san francisco. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany began today's press conference by playing the security footage of pelosi in her briefing room. >> nancy pelosi was not in the halls of congress when i asked where she was she was not working in good faith to make a deal for the american people. nancy pelosi was founded in san francisco at a hair salon for she was in doors even though salons in california are not
7:27 pm
open for outdoor service. apparently the rules do not apply to speaker nancy pelosi. she wants small businesses to stay shut down but only reopened for her convenience. do as they say not as they do says nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi is holding up $1.3 trillion in relief for the american people while getting special access to the very kind of small businesses money they would support as this is like this hair salon. >> one of the spokesperson looking to send nancy packing is author of the new best-selling book live row privilege, joe biden and the democrats defense of the indefensible available now on line in stores everywhere and congratulations. currently ninth on the amazon list after being out of hole 23
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hours or whatever it is on amazon's bestseller list. great to have you with us. i was struck thinking about the title of your book, the the defense of the indefensible the subtitle if you will and pelosi's response. it is just incredible and highly predictable the way the left responds. they never are responsible for anything. >> now and that's exactly what it is and that's why he wrote the book liberal privilege because they live by a different set of rules. they are held to a different accountability if they are ever held accountable. nancy pelosi whether the salon whether it's a 25,000-dollar freezer and a custom tailor-made ice cream that she had and gave an interview during the middle of the pandemic she is really a marie antoinette of the 21st century. >> she so out of touch with real americans and get she is apparently supposed to be representing them. it's truly disgusting and when i was looking at not just nancy
7:29 pm
but chuck schumer bernie sanders the rest of the democrat media and i say media because the democrats in the media are one and the same at this point, he said we are going against this guy joe biden running against him and i'm locked in my house and i can't go to work. we couldn't go to church or school. explain why joe biden can't remember where he is. the multiple brain surgery to fix the explosions in his head and the media doesn't want to talk about a priest epitome of health according to them. yet when he forgets his wife's name and confuses her with her sister and forgets the office he's running for frantically looking back and forth between the teleprompter and some notes you get a basic address that the
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few times he chooses to come out of his burrow and fill his space so they can get a photo op of him outside and run a campaign ad and then he has to go back into hiding for three or four days apparently to recover because it doesn't have the stamina or the energy to actually do anything. for months they were quiet on riots, looting and vandalism until chris cuomo and don lemon on "cnn" said this is affecting us in the polling guys. maybe we have to do something about it and then magically now he's against it. he had no problem having as campaign staffer funding bill for people who are felons who are looting your arsonists. no problem let's bail them out of resin. kamala harris was encouraging bad and shunning her support on twitter arsonists in the vandals but there's nothing to see here folks. if the media had any decency left they would be pointing out these very things but they don't
7:31 pm
exist they are just an activist organization and an activist organization fighting for the radical left. lou: you know those left-wing organizations are owned by corporations, major corporations whether it's at&t, comcast, disney and they are following the orders of those corporations. this president, your father has done more to upset and drive the establishment than they ever imagined possible and they were still trying to block his candidacy as you know while he was running for president tried to permit him from being a candidate. it's an outrageous display and abusive corporate power that has to have consequences and by the way i believe the american people are watching everything that you have said and are aware but he you can't help but see the contrast today between the president, energetic positive and optimistic standing in front
7:32 pm
of the battleship of north carolina and wilmington and you have got joe biden who can't even get through a simple sentence without getting lost. it is stunning to think the democrats have put this fellow forward area and >> it really is him by the way it's actually said. the biden family has been leeching off the taxpayer funded office for decades. you'd think that someone have the decency and say stop. the issues that are so obvious for all of americans to see. they are so flagrant. you would think someone would be like it's time and i'm not trying to make light of the situation seriously. we all know people of god to this point in life but the democrats and the family and pushing through biden not because he's confident are capable or the guy for the job but because he's the perfect guy that they can try to lie to the american people and say look it's a moderate joe and not talk about the vp having the most
7:33 pm
radical and the senate not talking about biden's tax plan for you the american citizen that will raise middle-class taxes by $4 trillion to give free health care education and lawyers to illegal immigrants. you don't have the privilege of getting that for yourself or for your kids or for your family but you can pay for it for illegals to come here. i mean that the plant of the radical left so joe biden is this camouflage that you try to hide the radical policies by saying he's moderate joe but there's literally nothing moderate about him but there's nothing moderate about the platform and if you look at the history it's five decades in d.c. of the swamp creature. all the things they say he's going to do now why didn't he do it over the last half a century? the is not like they have the century. plenty of time to get something done for the american people who want to believe that now he is going to deliver after spending years pushing bad trade deals
7:34 pm
nafta ppp china's permanent status in the world trade organization that is decimated the american class and shipped our jobs abroad and destroyed our menu fracturing sectors. he was the champion of these causes but now he's doing exactly opposite prayer really hope that no one in america is that tom anymore but it's hard when you're combating a mainstream media that is his cheerleader that will lie cheat and steal and do whatever they can to sell the american public that this guy is a moderate. lou: this fellow we have in the white house looks like he's doing so one more time and part things to the efforts of his family and don jr.. thanks for being with us. it's great to have you here and we want to plug don jr. spoke one more time the liberal privilege. you can get your copy now and we recommend it to you highly productive newly-released fbi
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lou: breaking news now a federal appellate court has ruled the nsa's bulk collection of american's phone records is illegal and violates the five sacks. that ruling stopped short of calling the program unconstitutional. three-judge panel handing down that ruling in the case against four san diego residents convicted of aiding terrorists in somalia. the 2013 conviction was upheld though as the nsa spy program didn't bolster the evidence against them. do you find some these court rulings to be hysterical, just hysterical? the those that aren't politically corrupt quite stunning us now to take this up and editor-in-chief john solomon out there of fallout nuclear bribes russian spies the russian lies that enrich the clinton and biden dynasties. great to have you with this and we recommend this book highly.
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i think it was a wonderful moment in which barr showed passion and his superior intellect as he talked with cnn's wolf blitzer last night and i don't need that as -- in any way but barr really educating the "cnn" on exactly what in the world is going on with mail-in ballots and the objections to them and the long-standing conviction against them. let's listen to barr aziz schools wolf blitzer. >> we haven't had the kind of widespread use of mail in alex that's being proposed. we have had absentee ballots from people who request them from a specific address and now what we are talking about is mailing them to everyone on the voter list when everyone knows those voter lists are inaccurate. people who should get them don't get them which has been a major complaint and the states that have tried this in municipal
7:41 pm
elections and people who get them are not the right people. the people who ever plays the reagan's occupants and they can make them out and sometimes multiple ballots come to the same address with several generations of occupants. this is playing with fire. we are very socially divided country and a people have to have confidence in results of the election and legitimacy of the government of people tried to change the rules to this methodology which is a matter of logic. it's very open to fraud and coercion and it's reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire. lou: they are playing with fire and the president of the united states is fighting it with every fiber of his being. the left-wing the deep state the radical dems during -- doing their best to get universal mail-in alex out there as quickly as they can and states have signed on.
7:42 pm
can this be stopped? the >> it's a great question. it's going to end up in the courts. all in all the issue could end up in the courts before or after the election for the trump campaign one of the very important rulings in iowa where they were able to get ballots invalidated because the iowa -- filled them out for the voters. if you want to have fraud fill them up before you send them and that's a great way to fraud. what is most important i watch the media mock bill barr's show on "cnn." his words are verbatim a private eye partisan commission said in 2005 led by none other than jimmy carter and james baker. they warned the same thing come mail-in balloting is fraught with fraud and it needs to have great protection or it will not perform well so it's amazing to see the media flip-flop on this issue in 2020.
7:43 pm
lou: lets quote from that bipartisan report saying the former president jimmy carter and the secretary of state james baker leading the way and just this one grab if we could put that up for our audience please to quote from vote by mail in peers did increase turnout for local elections there is no evidence that it significantly expands participation in federal elections. moreover it raises concerns about privacy of citizens voting at home may come under pressure to vote for certain candidates and it increases the risk of fraud. absolutely unequivocally and then that's been the position of both parties until this time around. this is without question a highly suspicious moment in our history and the smell is powerful. looks like an attempt at
7:44 pm
defrauding the integrity of this country and its electoral process. >> you are right lou and there are three dozen cases just in the last several months were significant voter fraud has been persecuted and convictions secured. lots of mail-in ballots stolen lot. changed. there is real evidence that this is happening let alone these warnings that the a tourney general and the president and former president jimmy carter said previously they are cases showing how it's being done. that should concern all this and one of the things that's interesting in that report they recommended voter i.d. photo i.d. voter i.d. or that something that today democrats called xenophobic. it years ago former president jimmy carter and james baker thought it was a good solution. that's how far this country has swung in this. lou: certainly one party has
7:45 pm
fallen into silliness of enough that they can fool the american people who have teachers on a driver's license and shouldn't go to the trouble just to simply vote. john solomon and it's always great to get your insight and perspective. thank you so much. john solomon editor of chief of just the news. you can order my new book "the trump century" how our president changed the course of history forever available now i'm pleased to say our new merchandise store. go to lou dobbs at 15% discount by just entering the code dobbs @lou dobbs stay with us, we will be right back. ♪
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lou: china joe biden today leaving his basement for pittsburgh where he tried to blame president trump for the violence plaguing democrat run cities.
7:50 pm
biden also had this to say. >> do you really feel safer under donald trump? covid since the outbreak has taken more than 100 -- i mean think about it. more lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years. more than 180,000 lives in six months. lou: radical dems house speaker nancy pelosi says no and then she says no locking assistance for american civilians who need help. the administration is trying to provide it are chances that trump administration's $1.3 trillion china virus aid packages and sufficient. here's what white house chief of staff mark meadows had to say about her obstinance. >> i had a conversation with speaker pelosi and even non-for
7:51 pm
$2.2 trillion counter offer she can't tell the american people nor me what is in that. she puts forth a number suggest that she came down and yet she's willing to turn down $1.3 trillion of help that goes to the american people because she would rather them have nothing than to give way on her fantasy. lou: up next radio host larry elder. stay with us. we will be right out. [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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lou: great pulling for the present his approval rating among black voters has skyrocketed over the past weeks according to the latest phil harris poll. 24% of registered black voters approve of president trump's job performance that number up 15% from two weeks ago. the presence approval rating rising among hispanic voters from her date to 32%. joining us tonight is larry elder host of the larry elder show on the salem radio network executive producer of -- it's great to have you with us and look at this president, look at him go. he is building support in the african-american community. just as he intended just as the republican party intended. your thoughts? >> well it's tough to be historical he -- on and play mad and stuff to be the first that is live 5000 people that have
7:56 pm
their lawsuits reconsidered most a black man about 2000 that have been released. the pardoning of jack johnson the first every champion and trump is spending more money and historically black colleges and so-called enterprise zones doing something about illegal immigration on the grounds of a pose a threat to jobs otherwise held by black and brown workers and the present supports choice in schools that they are nearby school is not a good when they want to option now. white democrats by the way do not want choice in school. trump's on the side of the majority of black and brown parents on the inner-city and not for why parents would put their kid in any school on a bed. he will do substantially better with the black voter than in 2016. lou: public education is so critical. as the great equalizer in our
7:57 pm
society no matter what institution you choose and it is just so critical to prosperity and to progress. it's just so critical and it's infuriating to me to watch what these teachers unions are doing. they are not being helpful right now at all adamantly opposing for political purposes it's pretty clear and reopening schools and getting kids back it we have so many, hundreds of thousands of kids who can't afford to lose a year in all of the advantages that would be gained by reopening the schools. your thoughts? >> absolutely and look at the quality of the public schools. i just saw a study about philadelphia public schoolteachers and something like 44% of them had school-age kids in private school as opposed to 10% of the average
7:58 pm
american in and the same thing was chicago a substantial number of public schoolteachers with school-age kids put their own kids in private schools. what does that tell you? the people that know the best about public schools don't want their own kids in it that they will put your kids in it. it's outrageous. lou: there are many things about you like your ability to just with an encyclopedic mind roll out the statistics. a lot of people i call elder at all times of the night. i don't google. i want to take up the president's choice that he is made to go to kenosha and get your reaction to that in your thoughts on his going to kenosha to meet with the folks there. >> if he didn't go he would be called racial insensitive for not caring about the issue of
7:59 pm
police brutality against black people goes in these accused of being provocative so the man simply cannot win. what i find fascinating about all the stuff we are talking about lou is it's about numbers and it's about data. you can't see a -- let's have a good understanding of how the value at your posting team and players breezing data but when it comes to the issue about the allegation that the police are killing blacks just because they are black killing unarmed lachman because they are unarmed there is no data that supports that and infected anything the study suggests the opposite of the police are more hesitant to pull a trigger on a black suspect that a white suspect. lou: a great question and i'm sure we will get the answers in the weeks ahead. larry elder thanks for being with us and that's it for us tonight. pre-order my new book "the trump century" how our president changed the course of history
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forever. pre-order your copy at our web site lou dobbs as well as and follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and instagram @lou dobbs tonight. thanks again for being with us. good night. >> he sinks -- am i going to get a kiss or a quart of milk? [laughter] ♪ lucille ball loved by the nation the groundbreaking comedian from the start of her hollywood career


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